What Is MRR ? – | Master Resale Rights (or Master Resell Rights)

Master Resale Rights (some blogs or sites have mentioned Master Resell Rights) Is this sentence (words) have different meaning? Well, the words Master Resale Rights should be more accurate. Then why the resell word come into the scene?

The reason may

  • spell wrongly (e.g “Resale” spelled as “Resell”)
  • to trick Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so both words are assume as same.
  • it sound almost similar or might have closer meaning to each other.
    • Dictionary explanation as
    • “Resell” => to sell (something) one has previously bought; sell on.
    • “Resale” => the act of selling a second time / the act of selling something secondhand.
  • “resale” word in domain name might have been taken by other so new buyer used “resell” instead.

Master Resale Rights means that once you purchase the product you have the right to sell the product and keep 100% profit. Master Resale Rights are massive business online right now, and has become more popular over recent years, some view this as the quickest way to create extra income without trying to create your own product.

There are large catalog of digital info products with thousands of high quality ebooks, articles, videos, audios, graphics and many other items. All these products come with master resell or private label rights.

Once you buy a product, you’ll be able to download it immediately. Learn from its great content, use it as you wish or resell it as many times as you want. Profit you make is all yours!