Money 4 Dummy Biz (Money 4 Dummy Biz) is hosted on Godaddy which its servers are located in United States. The website domain was created on 28 December 2011 (Today) The language of the site is English.

Why as a domain name? is the acronym of “Money For Dummy Business”

When google for “Money For Dummy” some site explain that it is referring to an educational and service that helps you establish a personal, family or business plan to succeed.

In other word, “Money For Dummy Business” is a business plan or ideas to help you earn money personally, for family and it is presented step by step for beginner (a dummy)

When talking about earning money online, a lot of people may be blur on how can it be possible? This where came into scene.

It objective is to help, serve, guide or as reference site that will provide ideas and strategies on what to do next so you can start earning your first $1, next $10, $100, $1000…. and so on.